Over coming fears

After avoiding doing a presentation in front of her class for weeks she finally did it, well it was either that or detention! (Not that I can blame her I wouldn’t relish the thought either.)

Not only did she overcome her fear of talking to the whole class but she chose to do her presentation about B and autism.

She’s mentioned a few times how some autistic children get picked on at school and how the phrase ” that’s so autistic!” seems to be new derogatory term thrown around the playground.

I know apart of her was worried how the presentation might go down with her peers, most of them spoke about typical teenage subjects like hobbies, pets or football, but having a sibling who’s autistic has changed her views and understanding on autism and she hoped to give her peers a better understanding too.

I asked her why she decided to give a presentation on autism and she said,

” because it’s important and I’m fed up of all the horrible comments I hear at school”

I asked her what she hoped her class would takeaway from her presentation and she wanted them to understand,

” that there’s nothing wrong with being different, we are all different

” being different doesn’t make you weird or stupid”

But overall she just wants people to be kind.