Not really my idea of inclusion

Hearing that my child spends most of his time sat at a workstation outside the classroom literally broke my heart.

I definitely didn’t send my child to school to effectively work in isolation!

Needless to say this was not the EHCP review meeting I had hoped for, there were some positive points made and I can definitely see overall progress, but maybe it’s just not the kind of progress the school are after.

Honestly I can’t quite workout who or what I’m more annoyed with, myself for choosing a mainstream school, the entire education system or the school and the conflicting advise they have received from outside professionals.

I can see it from everyone’s perspective, but this is definitely not my idea of inclusion, nor do I believe that this won’t in time have a detrimental effect on his self esteem and mental health.

There is so much to think about over the summer and a different school to visit in September, but for now at least, I’m just going to enjoy the summer holidays come rain or shine.