Does inclusion really work in mainstream education?

Leaving the EHCP review meeting left me questioning if infact we had made the wrong decision in placing B in mainstream education.

What seemed to be working so well is no longer. I’m not really sure what’s changed, but B’s no longer listening to instructions and is becoming disruptive at times, maybe it’s just a bump in the road or maybe it’s just not the right environment for B.

Even though I feel the school are doing as much as they can for B, they just don’t have the resources or knowledge to enable B to engage fully with school life.

They have however sent a referral for outreach support from a local special school that aim to enable inclusion, so fingers crossed they are able to help get things back on track.

Currently the local authority are not funding the full amount of hours of 1-1 support that is required even though the school are providing it.

It seems to me that inclusion in mainstream schools is set up to fail.

Unless schools receive the funding they are entitled to from local authority’s and staff receive adequate training in special needs education, they can’t possibly provide our children with an education they deserve.